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Ian Cohen, Associate Editor, is a reporter with Export Compliance Daily and its sister publications International Trade Today and Trade Law Daily, where he covers export controls, sanctions and international trade issues. He previously worked as a local government reporter in South Florida. Ian graduated with a journalism degree from the University of Florida in 2017 and lives in Washington, D.C. He joined the staff of Warren Communications News in 2019.

Recent Articles by Ian Cohen

Despite Slow Start, FCPA Enforcement Likely to Increase Under Biden, Lawyers Say

Although enforcement of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act this year is off to its slowest start in a decade (see 2105050018), industry should expect FCPA penalties to pick up as more Justice Department officials are appointed and the Biden administration…Subscribe to Read >>

China's New Broad Sanctions Law Could Cause Uncertainty, Law Firms Say

China’s recently passed foreign sanctions law gives it broad discretion to penalize companies for obeying U.S. and other countries' restrictions against China, although it remains unclear how China will use the new tools and what specific activities will be targeted…Subscribe to Read >>

Former USTR Officials Hopeful About Revival of US-India Mini Trade Deal

Former U.S. trade officials are optimistic the Biden administration can revitalize a mini trade deal with India that was originally proposed under the Trump administration (see 2009010049). But they also said U.S. officials will likely look to add more provisions…Subscribe to Read >>

Biden Admin 'Quietly' Pursuing Indo-Pacific Trade Agenda, Official Says

Although the new administration has made domestic policy and combating the COVID-19 pandemic a priority for President Joe Biden’s first year in office, officials are beginning to prepare behind the scenes for more trade engagement in the Indo-Pacific region, said…Subscribe to Read >>

Companies Disclose Updates to CFIUS Filings, Processes

Several U.S. and foreign companies in June and July provided updates to their transactions that require foreign investment reviews and approvals. The deals include a signed national security agreement (NSA) with the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S., plans…Subscribe to Read >>