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Biography for Jacob Kopnick

Jacob Kopnick, Associate Editor, is a reporter for International Trade Today and its sister publication Export Compliance Daily. He joined the Warren Communications News team in early 2021 covering a wide range of topics including trade-related court cases and export issues in Europe and Asia. Jacob's background is in trade policy, having spent time with both CSIS and USTR researching international trade and its complexities. Jacob is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a B.A. in Public Policy.

Recent Articles by Jacob Kopnick

Federal Judge Wants Explanation From Texas on Local Police Export Control Actions

A judge with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas declined to allow the state of Texas to voluntarily drop a civil forfeiture lawsuit over goods seized by a local law enforcement group that aims to stop…Subscribe to Read >>

No Urgency Felt on JCPOA Renewal, Experts Say

While just two weeks into the Biden administration, any sense of urgency needed to bring the U.S. back into the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action to dismantle Iran's ability to create a nuclear weapon is not being felt from either…Subscribe to Read >>

Express Industry Pushing to Eliminate Puerto Rico Export Information Requirements

Electronic Export Information requirements for Puerto Rico treat the territory like a foreign country, unnecessarily burden U.S. shippers and go against the wishes of the Puerto Rican people and government, said Mike Mullen, executive director of the Express Association of…Subscribe to Read >>

SEMI Calls for More Industry Input on Export Controls Under Biden

Electronics industry association SEMI called for industry input on a review of Trump administration export control policies, in a Jan. 25 letter to secretary of commerce nominee Gina Raimondo. The trade group said the prior administration made drastic changes to…Subscribe to Read >>