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Ian Cohen, Associate Editor, is a reporter with Export Compliance Daily and its sister publications International Trade Today and Trade Law Daily, where he covers export controls, sanctions and international trade issues. He previously worked as a local government reporter in South Florida. Ian graduated with a journalism degree from the University of Florida in 2017 and lives in Washington, D.C. He joined the staff of Warren Communications News in 2019.

Recent Articles by Ian Cohen

Despite Decreasing Export Restrictions, European Food Trade Remains a Challenge, Officials Say

The U.S. and the EU said they have made progress convincing other countries not to impose export restrictions on critical food supplies after an initial spike in the measures due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But leaders are still struggling to help Ukraine export its food supplies to the rest of the world, officials said, and they don’t expect that issue to be resolved anytime soon.Read More >>

FMC Proposed Change to Co-Loading Documentation Could Burden Industry, Companies Say

A Federal Maritime Commission proposal that would require container documentation to include the names of all non-vessel operating common carriers in a shipping transaction would create too large of a burden on industry, two logistics companies said in comments this month. One company said it wouldn’t be able to comply with the change, forcing it to regularly violate the regulation.Read More >>

BIS ‘Absolutely’ Wants to Build on Coordinated Export Controls, Official Says

The Bureau of Industry and Security is looking to build on its ability to impose multilateral export controls, said senior BIS official Thea Kendler. Kendler, speaking during a conference last week hosted by the American Association of Exporters and Importers, said the agency wants to capitalize on the highly-coordinated Russia controls to better align future restrictions with a “core group of countries,” echoing comments made by Commerce officials earlier this year who voiced support for a new multilateral export control regime.Read More >>

BIS Needs to Improve University Outreach Efforts, GAO Says

The Commerce Department and other government agencies can better tailor their outreach efforts to universities to mitigate export control risks in academia, the Government Accountability Office said in a report last week. Although Commerce, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI all conduct outreach with colleges to prevent illegal deemed exports and other sensitive technology transfers, they can do a better job identifying and analyzing export control “risk factors,” GAO said, and use their “limited resources” to make their outreach more efficient.Read More >>

Export Controls Haven't Been 'Particularly Effective,' Former DHS Official Says

Export controls on their own haven’t historically proven to be very effective in stopping U.S. adversaries from acquiring illegal technologies and components, said Daniel Gerstein, a former export control official at the Department of Homeland Security. Gerstein, speaking during a June 16 Emerging Technology Technical Advisory Committee meeting, said the U.S. and other countries have “ample information telling us that they have not been particularly effective, even for sanctions regimes.”Read More >>