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China Updates Imports Covered Under Foreign Production Facility List

China recently updated the list of products whose foreign production facilities are required to register under Decree 248, the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service said in a report this month. China removed from the list 74 products and added 56 products, impacting certain dairy products, aquatic products, nuts and seeds, edible oils, grain products, beverages, frozen fruits, dry fruits and canned fruits. It said: "Some of the updates are not complete removals of the products but additions of the same products with different Customs, Inspection, and Quarantine (CIQ) codes created for China Customs’ use."

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Under Decree 248, certain U.S. production facilities may be subject to revised customs and registration procedures before their products can enter China (see 2111040018 and 2110130022). USDA said that before shipping, exporters should verify that their production or cold storage facilities have completed China's General Administration of Customs' registration process. USDA in December said it’s still seeing delays for exporters trying to register, especially new applicants, and is continuing to “seek clarity” from China’s customs agency “to fully understand the process for registration of new facilities" (see 2312210037).