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China Calls for Supply Chain ‘Stability’ Ahead of Possible Japan Export Controls

Beijing recently warned Japan not to take any moves that could disrupt supply chains with China following reports that Tokyo could soon tighten its restrictions on certain technology exports.

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Nikkei Asia reported in January that Japan is planning to expand its export controls to better prevent sensitive goods and parts from being used for military purposes, including new measures that could better prevent third-party transfers. Under the rules, if Japan determines goods shipped to a "safe" country could be transferred to a nation where they could be used as weapons, Japan could require the exporter to apply for a license, the report said.

A Chinese Ministry of Commerce spokesperson said last week that the agency isn’t familiar with the exact proposed restrictions, but said China “has always maintained that export control should abide by the principles of fairness, reasonableness and non-discrimination.” The person said during a press conference that “no country or region should abuse export control measures or harm the legitimate rights and interests of other countries and regions in the peaceful use of export-controlled items,” according to an unofficial translation.

“China and Japan are each other's important economic and trade partners,” the spokesperson said, adding that they should both “maintain the stability and smoothness of the industrial and supply chains.”