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US, Allies Issue New Hamas-Related Sanctions

The U.S. and the U.K. this week announced new sanctions against Hamas officials, people and entities helping to finance the terror group’s operations in Gaza, the Treasury Department said.

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The Office of Foreign Assets Control sanctioned several people and their companies for helping to move funds for Hamas, including Gaza-based Zuhair Shamlakh and his companies Al-Markaziya Li-Siarafa and Arab China Trading Company; and Gaza-based Ahmed Shamlakh, Alaa Shamlakh and Imad Shamlakh. OFAC also sanctioned Herzallah Exchange and General Trading Company LLC, Samir Herzallah and Brothers For Money Exchange and Remittances and people linked to those companies, including Muhammad Fallah Kamil Hirzallah, Na’im Kamil Raghib Hirzallah, Salah Kamil Raghib Hirzallah and Samir ‘Abd Al-Mu’in ‘Abd Hirzallah.

OFAC also targeted Thair Abd Al Raziq Shukri Hirzallah, who has coordinated millions of dollars worth of transfers to Turkey and has handled transactions for Hamas and the Palestine Islamic Jihad movement. OFAC also said Hirzallah worked with Hamas financial official Fawaz Mahmud Ali Nasser, who was sanctioned by OFAC in 2019.

The U.K. also sanctioned Zuheir Shamlakh for being a “key Hamas financier,” as well as other Hamas officials or others with ties to the group, including Ahmed Sharif Abdallah Odeh, Ismail Barhoum, Hassan Al-Wardian and Jamil Yusuf Ahmad Aliyan.

OFAC also said Australia joined the U.S. and the U.K. in "placing sanctions on key Hamas officials and facilitators."