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BIS Launches Process for New Chip Export Notification Requirement

The Bureau of Industry and Security recently made available its process by which companies may begin submitting notifications for certain exports of “gray-zone” semiconductors that fall just below the new chip control parameters announced last month (see 2310170055). As part of the updated restrictions, BIS is requiring a notification under new License Exception Notified Advanced Computing (NAC), which will authorize certain exports of certain chips to China, Macau and destinations subject to a U.S. arms embargo.

BIS said NAC notifications must include the total processing performance of the item, the performance density of the item, as defined in 3A090, a data sheet or other documentation “showing how the item is designed and marketed” along with other information outlined in new controls released by the agency in October.

An NAC notification will be limited to six items, and the agency “recommends limiting the notification to one model number per notification.” It also said only one ultimate consignee and one end user is allowed,  and notifications that include more will be returned without action. “A distributor may not be a party to the NAC notification,” BIS said.

Exporters can track the NAC notification progress in the agency’s System for Tracking Export License Applications, known as STELA. “If your NAC is approved you will receive a NAC authorization number (Axxxxxx) to be used in your” Automated Export System filing, BIS said.