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US Not Expecting 'Long List of Outcomes' From Upcoming Biden-Xi Meeting, Official Says

President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping will touch on some trade issues during a planned meeting in California on Nov. 15, but the two leaders won’t delve into specifics, a senior administration official said during a call with reporters last week. The two sides aren’t expecting a “long list of outcomes or deliverables” to result from the meeting, the official said. “The goals here really are about managing the competition, preventing the downside risk of conflict and ensuring channels of communication are open."

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The official said the “question of economic and trade relationship” will be discussed, but likely only at a surface level. The two leaders likely won’t delve into specifics. “The president at every meeting and engagement with President Xi has brought up the importance of a level playing field for American companies,” the official said. “But I don’t anticipate that we’ll get into the details of” specific issues, like Section 301 tariffs. “We’ll keep it a broader strategic view.”

The official noted that the Biden administration during the last year has announced new controls surrounding exports of semiconductors to China and outbound investments in certain Chinese technology sectors. “Intense competition requires and demands intense diplomacy to manage tensions and to prevent competition from verging into conflict or confrontation,” the official said.