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OFAC Sanctions Syrian Militias, Leaders

The U.S. this week sanctioned two Syria-based armed militias and three of their leaders for their involvement in “gross” human rights violations against people living in northern Syria’s Afrin region. The Office of Foreign Assets Control also sanctioned an auto sales company owned by one of the leaders.

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The designations target the Suleiman Shah Brigade and the Hamza Division, both armed groups that oppose the Syrian government. OFAC said the groups are involved in abductions, property theft, torture and other abuses.

Mohammad Hussein al-Jasim, also known as Abu Amsha, leads the Suleiman Shah Brigade and owns Al-Safir Oto, an Istanbul-headquartered car dealership with locations in southern Turkey. OFAC also sanctioned Walid Hussein al-Jasim, a younger brother of Abu Amsha who also holds a leadership role in the Suleiman Shah Brigade, and Hamza Division leader Sayf Boulad Abu Bakr.