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Researchers Urge EU to Better Protect Chip Competitiveness

Europe has so far “neglected” the increasing competitiveness of Chinese chip design companies, presenting “challenges across the dimensions of national security, supply chain resilience and technological competitiveness for Europe,” European research institutions said in a recent report. Written by the Digital Power China research consortium and the Leiden Asia Centre, the report said the EU should better invest in its own chip design capabilities, strengthen the “indispensability” of its chip firms through “policy interventions,” “map the risk profile of increasing reliance on Chinese chip design” and more.

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The report also asks whether the EU should “follow the US government’s lead” in imposing new export controls on semiconductor-related items destined to China (see 2210070049 and 2302080048). “Should it be open for business or protect the ecosystem?” the report said. “In many areas, it is unclear whether Europe would benefit from decoupling and being less dependent on Chinese industry.”