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Chinese Academics Outline Plan to Counter US Chip Controls, Report Says

Top Chinese academics believe the country should “amass a portfolio of patents that govern the next generation of chipmaking” to allow the country to counter U.S. semiconductor export controls, according to a Feb. 20 Bloomberg report. The report cites a bulletin recently published by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the country’s “most influential scientific body,” which could represent China’s plan to evade U.S. export restrictions and demonstrate how it “could win a crucial technological conflict with Washington,” the report said.

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Members of the academy wrote that more research of “groundbreaking materials, components and manufacturing will help China’s chip players build a portfolio of patents covering critical technology,” the report said, including the chip-related technology subject to U.S. controls (see 2210070049). But the scientists also pointed to challenges faced by China’s chip industry, the report said, including a “talent shortage and a lack of funding in fundamental research.”