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China Chip Association Denounces New US-Japanese-Dutch Restrictions

An agreement among the U.S., Japan and the Netherlands to restrict exports of advanced chip-related items to China could “cause serious harm” to Chinese chip companies and “long-term damages to the interests of consumers” around the world, the China Semiconductor Industry Association said in a Feb. 15 statement, according to an unofficial translation. The association said the new restrictions, which the three countries reportedly agreed to last month (see 2301270002), risk “destroying the existing global semiconductor ecology. CSIA opposes the act of interfering in global trade liberalization, distorting the balance of supply and demand” and attempts to “exclude China’s semiconductor industry from the global innovation system and free competition market.”

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The association added that “cooperation and collaboration has long been the best option to create value and promote progress” and called on the global semiconductor industry and academia to “unite, defend the globalization of the semiconductor industry, promote the collaborative innovation, and continue to create benefits for industry and human society.” It also asked the Chinese government to create new rules to help maintain the “healthy development of the global semiconductor industry ecology. For foreign enterprises that defend the concept of globalization and the value of the global semiconductor industry, CSIA also hopes to support their business operations in the Chinese market.”